Welcome to The Spanish Apron

Welcome to The Spanish Apron, a cooking blog where I will be sharing my passion for creating delicious meals that bring people together.

My name is Fernando, a passionate cook and food enthusiast who lives in the south of Spain, in Andalusia. Since I can remember, cooking has been an important part of my life, because it brings me closer to my mother, the person who taught me everything I know today. She instilled in me a taste for traditional Spanish food.

My Mission

My mission here is to inspire you to get into the kitchen and cook with confidence, whether you’re a seasoned chef or a beginner. Therefore, I have created this blog to share my passion for cooking and at the same time to show my vision of Mediterranean gastronomy, so rich in ingredients and flavors.

I will be constantly experimenting with new recipes, techniques, and ingredients because I believe that cooking should be fun, approachable, and a way to express your creativity and personality.

What you’ll find

At The Spanish Apron, you’ll find a variety of recipes to suit all tastes and occasions, from quick and easy weeknight dinners or “Tapas” to elegant dinner party dishes. I also feature vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free recipes, as I believe that everyone should have access to delicious food, no matter their dietary restrictions.

The blog also includes cooking tips and tricks, ingredient guides, and product reviews to help you navigate the kitchen and create the best possible dishes. I believe that cooking is an ongoing journey, and I´ll be here to support and inspire you every step of the way.

Why in English?

English is another of my passions, languages. Apart from Spanish, which is my mother tongue, I can speak fluently this language that has always given me so many good moments.

Thank you for visiting The Spanish Apron, we hope you enjoy our recipes and find inspiration in our passion for cooking.

Happy Cooking!